Poetry by Jeff Green


Another storm NOT finished!!!!

by cricketjeff on April 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Walking home it starts to rain, picking up the pace
Heavy raindrops, stronger wind, worry on your face

  Lightning flashes
Lighting you
I see you jump
you scream
and start to run

Running home we reach the door, open, tumble through
You turn to me, we trip and fall, me on top of you

Another flash
You tense
You hold me

Holding me you kiss me hard, tremble then it hits
Kisses turn to passion and you strip me in a blitz
Never one to turn aside, I help to get you nude
Storm outside is powerful, and inside’s getting rude!

lightning strike
The lights go out
The crash of thunder
you hold me tighter

Now you shout into my ear, fuck me now, fuck ME!!!
Urgent movements under me. I’m in, it’s ecstacy