Poetry by Jeff Green


Night music

by cricketjeff on April 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I love the sound a sunset makes, when painted in the mind
The reds and purples cast on blue, with pinks and gold behind
The restful voice of sun drenched clouds, the deeper tones of sky
Until it all is swallowed up by nightfall’s final sigh

I love the tunes that starlight plays when seen across a hill
The tinkling treble fills the night and makes my heart lie still
The moon just sings her mournful love and smooths away all pain
Before I see the lights of man arrive to make refrain

A moonlit garden sings to me, and murmurs all night long
Until the silver shards of dawn, arrive to spoil the song
A million words, ten thousand tunes, all sprinkled into me
The magic sounds of darkness are what sets the dreamer free

Author notes

Well that is what it sounds like to me.