Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on April 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Sitting in a garden staring deeply in your eyes
Seeing the reflection of the grass and trees and skies
I hear the things you’re saying, and I understand them too
It doesn’t matter who is there, for me there’s only you

Sitting in a garden with my hands upon your knees
Watching your face changing when I give a little squeeze
The reader maybe thinking that’s a lonely thing to do
He doesn’t know that you are sitting squeezing my knees too

Sitting in a garden and our heads are closing in
And anybody watching knows that something will begin
There’s not much time for talking when you’re busy thinking this
“I wonder what what would happen if I gave her just one kiss”

Sitting in a garden and there’s not a lot to say
All the other topics can be talked of any day
For now there’s only kissing and a little hugging too
In a garden I am kissing and I’m hugging, only you

Sitting in a garden there are now two empty chairs
It looks as though there’s something took the sitters unawares
There are giggles from a window and I think you know the rest
At the moment its not gardening that holds their interest…

Author notes

With thanks to Sue Cardwell for her careful proofreading and stopping me looking too big an idiot for too long.