Poetry by Jeff Green


Your eyes (crossed sonnets)

by cricketjeff on April 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved


I sit behind my food and gaze at you                      You always look intently at my face
And drift away inside your loving eyes                  I eat and feel you walk inside my mind
Which every time I see you are brand new         You swiftly seem to find each secret place
The only part of you you can’t disguise                But tred with footsteps delicate and kind

                                    Inside your eyes I know I touch your soul
                                    Each time we’ve met I’ve seen you look at me
                                    I’ll never get to know you as a whole
                                    But all of you is there in what I see

The pools of darkness where I choose to dive     Contended by the dreams I’ve seen you own
Reveal to me the truth of who you are                 Completed by the parts of you I know
Inside those pool I know I am alive                       I’ve walked inside the you that sits alone
And walking on the surface of a star                     And seen the parts you never put on show

                                    Inside your eyes I’d live one thousand years
                                    And never get to taste my slightest fears

Author notes

I am playing with an idea