Poetry by Jeff Green


Picking the flowers

by cricketjeff on April 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Every flower is placed so I may move it with a kiss
And all the while I’m working you will find the path to bliss 
And when each petal is removed my prize will be arrayed
Before my eye I know I’ll find perfection is displayed
The time it took to place the blooms was filled with love I know
 And every one so placed that you would put yourself on show
So when my lips are at their task you’ll know the love I feel
For I am  lost in wonder at the beauties I’ll reveal
And then at last you’ll take my arms and hold me close to you
There isn’t any need for you to tell me what to do
Our love beneath the petals will be love that paints the sky
A perfect piece of gardening no plantsman could deny
There isn’t any need for me to write more of this night
Dear reader go and choose your blooms, and know your life is right