Poetry by Jeff Green


A friend I have never met who is lost

by cricketjeff on April 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I sat with her on storm tossed boat, and loved the solitude.
I held her hand in silence as we breathed the silent mood
I stood and waited on a beach for her to reach the dock
Whenever I faced cold barred doors, she opened up the lock
I introduced the perfect to the greatest that I know
And bathed in the red flickers of their loving fires glow
I sat beneath a blanket drinking brandy wine and tea
And I talked all night of rhyme, with Lane and poetry
On her porch at dinner time, ate ham on rye in rain
And all the time I did so there was Mairi for refrain
And just one time we stood upon the beach then hand in hand
We flew away beyond the clouds, for poems need no land
In her magic garden we drank brandy served by bees
At two pm that afternoon my world fell to its knees
I’ve never had the chance to meet the friend I know as Lane
And how I hope with all my heart that we’ll “not-meet” again
I’ve many friends across this site and with them I shall stay
But every morning I shall hope to “not meet” Lane today.

Author notes

This poem started as a comment on Mairi bheag’s tribute to our friend Dalaney who has left AP suddenly. Amera has an equally wonderful tribute , my own poor effort is here.