Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on April 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I didn’t know I felt this way
How stupid can you get
And I have hurt  my friends today
I never can forget

It wasn’t meant to be this way
I just wrote poetry
I thought I’d miss the other play
And I’d be trouble free

And suddenly it was that way
I fell in love with two
I never meant to cause dismay
To one as dear as you

I thought that friendship was my way
Until I knew you well
And ever since I’ve made you pay
I’ve made your life a hell

You knew of course about my way
That I was not alone
The many things we found to say
When we spoke on the phone

With her I did not know the way
My mind had found to go
And now all life’s in disarray
And I regret it so

So sorry has to be my way
It never is enough
There is no way to make OK
A life you’ve made so tough

If I decide to go away
Then I’ll hurt other friends
So I must hope I never stray
And make more of these ends

The final thing I send your way
Is that my love is true
Though now I never can portray
The truth of that to you.

Author notes

I truly am sorry.