Poetry by Jeff Green


They could have danced all life

by cricketjeff on April 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She sighed a sweet surrender as he took her in his arms
His handsome face beheld her and she melted for his charms
Together they would tiptoe through the maze of rare romance
Beginning on the balcony where they began began to dance

He helped her to her feet and then he swept her to the floor
She skipped so light and airily the others clapped for more
They waltzed and then they tangoed and they learned to love this life
And still they are together, forty years as man and wife

Four children came, they stayed then left, the house is theirs alone
The music’s now not by a band but on the gramophone
But still you’ll see them waltzing and you’ll see them tango too
So find a partner at the dance, this story could be you

Author notes

What better way to cheer up than with a good romance?