Poetry by Jeff Green


On the beach at night

by cricketjeff on April 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The water was lapping right up to our toes
The moon was so bright up above
The heavens were putting on meteor shows
The scene was just perfect for love

I snatched off your top with a tug of my teeth
The water was up to our knees
I got to your bum through the sand underneath
Gave each of your cheeks quite a squeeze

I couldn’t be bother to take off your knicks
So small they could push to one side
You murmured your nipples were wanting some licks
And also you’d like me inside

Your thighs were now floating the tide was well in
And I was inside you as well
My balls got quite wet before you could begin
To ride to your peak on the swell

We rolled in the water, made love on the beach
The sand was a problem it’s true
But all sorts of fun are within easy each
When I’m at the seaside with you!

Author notes

cricketjeff on the beach (one of the option 3 options)