Poetry by Jeff Green


Sweet perfection

by cricketjeff on April 15, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Dalaney; I love you, my Island of Hope.
Your verse was the joy in my day
Now that you’ve gone I don’t know how to cope.
My daylight is stolen away.

The wind from the sea helped us take to the skies.
We flew across oceans of blue.
Your poetry always a perfect surprise
And perfect was always just you.

The beaches we walked on, the brandy we shared,
The love after dark on your porch.
Facing the future I’m feeling quite scared
It’s dark and your verse was my torch.

The words of your poetry pepper my rhyme
You spiced up my life with your lust.
I didn’t enjoy you for half enough time
And now live without you I must.

A part of my being is welded to you
I hope that you feel just the same
And far in the future I know what we’ll do,
There is somewhere we’ll pick up our game.

Dalaney, you’re perfect I know that we’ll meet
Anthologised maybe in fun
And after perfection has met up with sweet
A new web of poems get spun.

Author notes

I have called Dalaney the perfect poet since we met, she called me either Englishman or sweet poet, Englishman didn’t fit so I went with sweetness. Some of you knew her longer than me but she adopted me as her guide in rhyme, I do not believe she needed one, but I loved the job. I would lead that girl anywhere she wants to go!!!!