Poetry by Jeff Green


A real lapdance!

by cricketjeff on September 18, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I was in my usual spot when you offered me a dance
There was something quite unusual I was maybe in a trance
You started without knickers, you make me oh so glad
But it wasn’t just your bare behind, that made you look quite bad

When you stretched yourself across me, you didn’t try to make me miss
And I caught a perfect perfect boob, with a very tender kiss
The other one looked lonely til you put it in its place
You strected across the other way, and pushed it in my face!

The arms upon my armchair, you stretched yourself astride
But before the chair was mounted my own arms weren’t pushed aside
Such a very special treat, you had for me that night
In the middle of your dancing, my thumb was out of sight!

You turned around and backed right up, you knew I do suppose
That your really gorgeous bum cheeks, were now parted by my nose
There wasn’t any murmur, from my favourite naughty miss
When what I found between them puckered up and had a kiss

Then something tugging at my waistband, was what I’m sure I felt
The cool blast of air I felt down there say you’d taken off my belt
And while your hands were down there and you fiddled all about
A certain part of my I like, was suddenly sticking out!

Then you slowly sunk down on me, until you sat upon my lap
I never thought I’d ever be such a lucky sort of chap!
And while you were sinking down so my pleasure could begin
The part of me that had been out, was very firmly in!

As you bounced about upon my lap, in one hand I held tit
While the other one I reached around, to have a stroke of clit
And just as I was building up, and you began to scream
I found that I had woken up from
A very

Author notes

I wish!