Poetry by Jeff Green


Love in the shadow

by cricketjeff on April 15, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I looked and saw the love inside your eye
Where all you are is stored and safe from wear
By life and cares that never will say bye
Repair to me so you may make repair

When you are strong enough to lance the wen
Know then that I shall not be saying no
Ten times your love I’ll give and then times ten
Show you such passion as the gods can show

‘Til then I’ll be content to watch and till
Build you with labours never to be billed
Still loving with a heart that’s never still
Filled daily with the need to see you filled

Steel tough the heart I know that I shall steal
Real love I shall have dangling from my reel

Author notes

OK not right yet, but I am running into such a block on poems I really need to write that I thought I’d try to make progress on some old projects.

Amera (You do know Amera the impossibly brilliant queen of form now don’t you) likes to make life dificult so invented a form of poetry called the shadow sonnet. Each line starts and ends either with the same word or a strict homophone. But sonnets ought to be iambic…

I still have a couple of lines above that aren’t But I thought I’d post it to see if anyone suggests a way around those problems.