Poetry by Jeff Green


A shadow future

by cricketjeff on April 16, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Side-lined by life I never sat and sighed
But took my boot and kicked it in the butt
Cried foul but never simply sat and cried
Shut out from life my mouth cannot stay shut

May love that’s true be waiting me in May
Where fields and trees have glowing hues to wear
Pay back to me the dues I’ve had to pay
Share love and life with one I’ll call “Ma cher”

A hope to travel back from Z to A
To live a life with those who love me too
Stay bound to one who feels she’s bound to stay
New life at last with one who really knew

No more to sit and wish that I could know
O heavens what a debt it is you owe

Author notes

Another attempt at a shadow sonnet. Why is form so much easier than content?