Poetry by Jeff Green


A garden in my mind

by cricketjeff on April 18, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Azalea’s bloom as you lie in the sun
Their beauty is plain to the world
Looking at you I see roses of fun
The petals remain tightly furled

The garden I see is now closed for my play
Though we walked hand in hand long ago
You promised that we were two lovers to stay
Now the flowers are only for show

The fruit that I tasted is now not for me
My gardening skills fade and die
The buds I caressed when you let them grow free
Now only a treat for my eye

I’ll never plant seed in the earth that I tilled
Nor share in the beauty of life
I think of this photo, the tears I have spilled
My brother took you for his wife

Author notes

No it has no foundation in truth at all!!!

You can say whatever you wish in critique, especially if it is honest. I would prefer an honest slating to a pretended “Wow great poem”