Poetry by Jeff Green


Find your own

by cricketjeff on April 22, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Kings of half the continent have suffered at my wit
And all of them would end it if they could
The rules of courtly etiquette require that they laugh
They always have a jester who is good
I can prick a pompous bubble be he Knight or Duke or King
The only thing that he can do is smile
The only man in Christendom, can tweak the Emperors nose
I make quite sure I tweak his nose in style

Make fun of lesser Lordling when his troops besiege a town
The prize just isn’t worthy of the price
In private he is seething out in public he’s no choice
But laugh with friends and follow my advice
The Chamberlains and treasurers will ask me for my aid
To stop a Lord from acting like a fool
The consequence of history and how the game is played
Is foolish Lords are something of a rule

A lesson here for all of you in centuries to come
No idiots should ever be in charge
The Jester is the only way to keep the King in check
The wit of Kings is seldom over large
Don’t go to war when one man says, look for the cost to all
And see to it the actual price is known
I cannot solve your problems from eight hundred years away
You’ll have to find a Jester of your own!

Author notes

I wrote the start of this for a contest a while ago, but changed what I wanted to say, but I love the meter so I have wanted a good excuse to finish it. Not much rhyme compared to my usual, but I think it works quite well.