Poetry by Jeff Green


Amera M. Andersen

by cricketjeff on April 22, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Floridian maiden Queen of all form
Sonneting goddess who sings to the skies
Accent amazin’ humour so warm
Filled with such oddness what a surprise

Meter plusperfect except when its not
Innocent rhyming is always your mark
But even more perfect when you turn it hot
Erotical timing you do for a lark

This sonnet so rinkydink is just for you
I tried not to make it in meter sublime
A tribute more kinky I felt met the cue
But I cannot fake it when it comes to rhyme

Amera you loony I love what you wrote
So here’s something croony that no-one will quote

Author notes

Internally rhymed Rinky-dinky-fairly-slinky sonnet (see http://www.notaformIknow.com)

On a serious note this is for one of the very best poets on site, Amera My poem is fun she is just, well, a poet!.