Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on April 22, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In a hospital in Texas is the toughest poet on site
In a fight to death with cancer she still finds the time to write
She knocks out a shadow sonnet (with acrostic, double rhymed)
Takes her just on twenty minutes, but she didn’t know I timed.

Temperature one O five, gets up to go to work
I said to cut her legs off, even that won’t make her shirk
Abused and beaten, left for dead, now fights for what is right
Perfect mother, lover, friend, writes poems half the night

Protective of her sister, other people and all kids
She’ll be first in line to help you when your life is on the skids
There are people who don’t love her, bloody idiots I say
There is something I must tell you, she’s the better man today!

She is standing up to cancer, to infection and her life
When all she really wanted was to be a happy wife
You asked about survival and for writes on strength and stuff
And all that I could think to write was Tory, God, you’re tough!!!

Author notes

Needs a lot of work!!!

But The prompt said “write me now.”
Getting there now, but when you feel a poem deeply have to take time to stand back and look. It will be right before judging

PassionsPromise is in hospital with a temperature of 105.3. Had a large secondary tumour removed a couple of days ago. And all she seems to spend the rest of the time doing is writing impossibly complex poetry.