Poetry by Jeff Green


The woods within

by cricketjeff on April 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The woods within
She looked for me within the woods in spring
And found me hiding in each tender flower
She called me to her with a magic power
The power she used to make the songbirds sing
In Summer heat she sought me in the shade
We frolicked in the shadows of the trees
And found ourselves within each other’s ease
While hidden in a secret woodland glade
Autumn colours echoed in her hair
They danced with me within her perfect eyes
The place where I had found  my final prize
A Goddess floating in the forest air
When winter fell across our sylvan dream
At last we took the time to gather in
The fruits of love that we could now begin
To live on as we float along the stream
Set deep inside my dreams is where you’l find

The lover from the forest of my mind