Poetry by Jeff Green


Sunbeam Mixmaster

by cricketjeff on April 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A Mixmaster mixer that’s older by far
Than most of my treasures, my very first car
By Sunbeam a Classic, today made a cake
But I’m not too sure how much more she can take
I love my old lady, and yes she loves me
So I’ll look through her eyes, just what can she see?

I’m sat in the cupboard, forgotten and blue
Covered in tea-towel with nothing to do
Then up on the surface there’s magic to mix
Biscuits and sponge cakes and all sorts of tricks
I’m getting arthritic my brushes are shot
He’s looked for some new ones that no-one has got

The beaters he bought me got twisted last year
And the cost of replacements is too high I fear
My lovely glass bowls are both OK for now
But if they get broken he’s find me more, how?
Retirement is looming I know in my heart
But just for today there’s a new cake to start!

Author notes

It is a chocolate one, and after typing this I am off to ask my mixer to make the butter cream to coat it with then it will be bright pink icing (frosting)

It is a year older than I am and I am dreading finding a replacement.