Poetry by Jeff Green


Let the Punishment fit the rhyme!

by cricketjeff on April 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In sonnetary confinement each prisoner is held
Awaiting the occasion that he’s next Kyrielled
With amphibrachs and dactyls assaulted every hour
He would opt for terza rima if he only had the power
A rime royale of punishment a limerick of pain
All carefully presented so he won’t sin again

The judge who donned the dread black hood to sentence him this way
Has sought to end a reign of crime in metered counter play

The prisoners before the bar, were guilty it was said
The guilty and the innocent now wish that they were dead
All torturers have Palgrave and a slice of Milton too
If you’ll hit a man with Tennyson there’s nothing you won’t do
Until now they’ve had it easy but the pain will soon get worse
Next week we move from well made rhyme, to modern, street, free verse!!!