Poetry by Jeff Green


A letter to a friend

by cricketjeff on April 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Springtime in Savannah, on your porch and in the rain
Ham on rye and poetry and George is there again
Chatting over lunchtime when my job has got me down
A perfect piece of free verse makes me smile instead of frown

A word or two or half a line, to make my wheels whirr
A bit of ham that George has missed and I hear Kitty purr
We walk along the waterfront and know the way to fly
I didn’t think that we would part, but never say goodbye

Challenge issued, challenge met, we’ll show that bloody wall
In free verse or with rhyme and flow we’d always meet the call
You flew across my favourite sights, and called out like a dove
And if I thought I couldn’t write, you’d give my arse a shove

I do not know if we would meet, or just swap verses here
You changed the way I wrote and thought in much less than a year
It never really hit me that this fun would reach an end
I’d like to say right now in verse, please come back here my friend!