Poetry by Jeff Green


Songs on the breeze

by cricketjeff on May 1, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The wind that strikes our faces is the breeze straight from the sea
It is leafing through the pages for its favoured poetry
It flicks your hair in passing and it opens up our hearts
As it reads out all the love songs ’til it finds the finest parts
So we’ll stand beside the ocean and pretend that we are free
In the wind that strikes out faces with the dreams that others see
The wind that calls attention to the romance of the tide
Makes a kite out of our heartstrings and it takes us for a ride
While we fly so high above us and we look down on the beach
There is magic in the moment and the answer is in reach
So we lose ourselves in dreaming and we hope that love will stay
With the wind that called attention to the games that lovers play 
The wind that we are feeling has a flavour of the past
And the poetry it’s reading is the kind we know will last
So you hold my hand just lightly and I gaze into your eyes
While the breeze across the ocean dies away in little sighs
And it whispers as it leaves us that is knows the future too
In the wind that we are feeling is the tale of me and you

Author notes

contest entry to the picture prompt