Poetry by Jeff Green


The playwright

by cricketjeff on May 2, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It is the finest tool that man has owned
The true embodiment of every thought
Until he lived the edge was never honed
Mankind was sitting waiting to be taught
He told the tale of all it is to be
In words that burn his vision in the mind
He used his pen to set the language free
In ways no mortal poet ought to find
He may have gone but lives with us each day
Will never die while men have need of speech
We use his gift in most of what we say
His genius is always kept in reach
  The wordsmith from a humble Midland town
  Who wrote the gems that decorate the crown

Author notes

OK so someone had to have the brass neck to do this one.

Option 4 and My favourite film is The General