Poetry by Jeff Green


The perfect rose of Texas

by cricketjeff on May 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There is a rose in Texas, with a scent above the rest
The lovely rose of Texas is the flower we love the best
I want to go to Texas so that I can pluck this rose
And the lone star state of Texas is the only place it grows

The rose we know as Tory is the rose we love to see
The perfect rose called Tory is the rose of poetry
In the lone-star State of Texas, this perfect flower grows
It is only down in Texas where you’ll find the Tory rose

The Rose that blooms in Texas where it grows fair and sweet
Is the Rose we know as Tory with the beauty that’s complete
The lone star State of Texas has to love its perfect Rose
Send all your love to Texas where this perfect flower grows

The lovely rose called Tory, has a fight upon her hands
But anything attacks her and she’ll fight it where she stands
I love that Rose from Texas, so I want to help her fight
So send all your love to Tory, and she’ll win the fight each night

Author notes

So I borrowed “The Yellow Rose of Texas” for a bigger job!!!

Sing along with me please.

DLC-Jem offered me this background as her tribute.