Poetry by Jeff Green


Dancing for you

by cricketjeff on May 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She spins around the pole inside my mind
To help me understand the way I feel
A beauty so profound you rarely find
And just for once I know that she is real

My heart was lost inside her liquid eyes
I’d swim inside you as you dance for me
The club is filled with men and wistful sighs
You are the only thing that they can see

A private dance and now that she is you
You tease me with your eyes and with your voice
I know the things that you and I could do
But in a club I do not have that choice

You dance and make me need to hold you tight
But then you grab your dress and say good night

But now I find you’re dancing in my mind
Much closer now so I can start to feel
There is a certain dampness that I find
I wish that this was happening for real

I’ve seen the lust that’s written in your eyes
The way you yearn is really just for me
You rub yourself on me with wistful sighs
This time it will not stop, that much I see

There isn’t any doubt that I want you
The fact you feel the same is in your voice
It just remains to see what you will do
And dressed the way you are you have a choice

You settle down and hold me nice and tight
It’s now my turn to smile and say good night!!!