Poetry by Jeff Green


You Only Hurt the One You Love

by cricketjeff on May 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s not her fault the dinners late
She was on the phone
The house is in a dreadful state
And all he does is moan
She called his boss a fat old git
Which wasn’t quite a lie
Then fooled around with him a bit
This lady isn’t shy
At last she told him what to do
The bloke is rather thick
“Just warm my bum for me can’t you”
“And start to do it quick!”

Across the knee he’s learning fast
Skirt up and knickers down
She’s getting what she wants at last
Turned red from golden brown
He starts to get the notion now
She wanted something rough
It took a while to find out how
To make him act the tough
Her heated cheeks are working through
She’s warm elsewhere as well
Another thing he’ll have to do
Is work there for a spell

She’s on her knees and yelling loud
I don’t think she’s in pain
A part of him is standing proud
He’s spanking her again
And then the spanking takes a break
While loving gets a go
The drastic steps she had to take
Before he’d treat her so
Now every week she’s rather bad
Her bum is shiny red
A better time they’ve never had
Than after smacks in bed!