Poetry by Jeff Green


For Tory

by cricketjeff on May 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

While Tory was very weak and drifting in and out of consciousness I was writing things for her Nurse to read to her, being me it drifted into rhyme, including most of “The perfect Rose of Texas” which I posted yesterday. She asked my to post these too, which are from the same series

The telephone that carries all the love you want to say
Is the instrument of pleasure that will sweep the miles away
It isn’t all that perfect but it works for you and me
And it also is the way I say “love you” in poetry

I send my love in so words so few
That do the job they have to do
I want to know they’re working too
The words I send are

The way you write and play with form
The way you keep your loving warm
The way you whoop it up a storm
Is lovely

The way you keep your friends so near
The way you bring the whole would cheer
The way you try to chase off fear
Is lovely

The love that I will send to you
The love I know that you feel too
The love that tells us what to do
Is Lovely