Poetry by Jeff Green


Bank Holiday Monday

by cricketjeff on May 5, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Bank Holiday Monday, nothing to do
But sit in the garden chatting to you
Tea in the teapot, shortbread and cake
Life can be tough so we’re taking a break

Bank Holiday Monday nowhere to be
Out in the garden, just you and me
Cushions on chairs, time for a chat
Ever so cosy for chewing the fat

Bank Holiday Monday, time to relax
Friends in the garden mulling on facts
Sitting on swings and talking away
Happy together, ready to play

Bank Holiday Monday kids in the park
The chatter of crows, the song of a lark
Children are running, chasing a ball
Holding your hand and watching it all

Bank Holiday Monday, glad you are here
Nothing else matters if you are near
Birdsong to listen to, flowers to see
Everything’s perfect, you’re here with me!