Poetry by Jeff Green


Dancing the dance of the lovers

by cricketjeff on May 6, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As she spins round the floor with her slippers on fire
And she falls in my arms with a sigh of desire
The music the candles our moods all conspire
We’re dancing the dance of the lovers

Now together we waltz as the night seems to grow
Nothing we’re seeing can match with our show
Or the feelings of love and the passion we know
While we’re dancing the dance of the lovers

There’s nobody there just the band in our dreaming
The rest of the dancers just figments of scheming
I see in her eyes that her lust is now steaming
Not just dancing the dance of the lovers

Collapsing together with love as our motive
And holding each other as off’rings emotive
Then we carry on like a steam locomotive!
In our dreams of the dance of the lovers!