Poetry by Jeff Green


Wine on the beach

by cricketjeff on May 6, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

So we sit on the beach
with the wine just in reach
It’s a picnic for two
and there’s treats here for each

There is sun on the sand
and the scenery’s grand
And I look out for you
and I know what you’ve planned

While we gaze out to sea
with the gulls flying free
They all know what to do,
they are hungry like me

We drink and we chat
think of this and of that
Of the people we knew,
and that lady’s green hat

Then a crab makes away
with the dish of the day
And a fishing boat crew
paint their trawler dark grey

As we wait for the tide,
with the wine now inside
I keep looking at you
with a love I can’t hide

Time to head for our room
as the sky start to gloom
Now you know what we’ll do
so you’re starting to bloom

And it’s home from the beach for two lovers

Author notes

Still tinkering with this.