Poetry by Jeff Green


The biter bit

by cricketjeff on May 17, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I try to fight for all that’s right
I’ll tell you in this song
I use my might to spread the light
But sometimes things go wrong

A two-edged sword, I shall record
Is dangerous to use
You can get floored or even gored
By weapons that you choose

The deeds you do rebound on you
The price is yours to pay
And all too few are helpers who
Will turn this tide away

When there are flaws you find the cause
But don’t reveal the blame
Mistakes aren’t yours but mucky paws
Will try to shift the blame

You help a friend but to what end
Good deeds are met with scorn
They’ll often bend what you intend
And leave your spirit torn

The truth they say will find a way
But lies will do so too
When others prey on truth today
The mud will stick to you

If you must fight for wrong or right
Accept the truth of it
All day and night in dark or light
Each biter ends up bit

Author notes

Well it rhymes and scans I think, but I’m not too sure it is on prompt.