Poetry by Jeff Green


The Garden of my Mind

by cricketjeff on May 14, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I shall sit beneath the oak tree with your head upon my thighs
Whilst I read you soppy sonnets and I gaze into your eyes
Then a gentle kiss upon your lips will come as no surprise
When we meet inside the garden of my mind

We can walk beside the roses, where the finest flowers grow
Holding hands and swapping glances and ignoring what’s on show
For the only thing that I will see is how your skin-tones glow
When we walk inside the garden of mind

I can reach to pluck an apple when you’re hungry for a bite
Champagne cooling in a bucket lit by scented candle light
Though breeze is getting cooler we’ll be warm enough tonight
When we lay inside the garden of my mind

Though divided by an ocean we can meet through poetry
Be two lovers in a garden when we dream that there’s no sea
And the dream is all that matters when it’s full of you and me
And we live inside the garden of my mind