Poetry by Jeff Green


My warning song!

by cricketjeff on May 14, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I saw a perfect vision in the night.
A goddess clad in white who worshipped me,
I never saw a more beguiling sight.
No mortal could compare with such as she.
I wanted her with all my heart and soul,
For her I’d cast aside my ev’rything.
Without this vision I could not be whole
As she drew near I heard the angels sing.
A dreadful witch appeared before my eyes
Her razor teeth and talons ripped my heart
Such evil wrapped in such a fair disguise
My endless march of death now has to start 
Now all of you must listen to my song
Before a lovely vision does you wrong!

Author notes

A pontianak is a Malay spirit believed to be the ghost of a woman who dies in childbirth. She is in many ways the analogue of the Succubus, appearing as a beautiful woman then killing a man or attaching herself to him to slowly draw out his life force during an act of love.

The pontianak in this painting, and hence in my poem, clearly believes in a more direct approach and has made off with my heart, still beating.

Picture credit
Pontianak by *luciole