Poetry by Jeff Green


Melvin the dragon at the cricket

by cricketjeff on September 20, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Melvin the Dragon is watching the cricket
Martha’s along for the ride
Melvin his hoping they won’t lose a wicket
Martha’s asleep by his side
Melvin in dreams would open the batting
Martha goes shopping for shoes
All of the fans are enjoying their chatting
Martha’s enjoying her snooze!

The balls not a good one, the batsman has thumped it
Ever so high to the crowd
The batting’s been good but that shot has trumped it
The fans are cheering aloud
The ball’s coming down it could be like murder
If the ball hits a head in the stand
Martha wakes up, the cheering has stirred her
Catches the ball in one hand
She doesn’t stand up, to throw back their missile
Bowls it from her seated pose
Speeds through the air like a rocket that’s fissile
Straight at the poor keeper’s nose!

Melvin the dragon is watching the cricket
Martha is playing the game
Everytime Martha can bowl out a batsman
Melvin can bask in her fame
Martha’s a marvel a bowler that’s fiery
Clearly the star of her team
Melvin’s so proud of his girl to admire he
Has ordered another ice-cream!

Author notes

You don’t need to be a cricket fan for this one!