Poetry by Jeff Green


Inside and out

by cricketjeff on May 15, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Gathering in the distance
dark and foreboding
filling the horizon.

Safe and warm
we wait
heavy atmosphere
and electricity
tension builds

The sound of the wind
building slowly
the lights flicker

getting cooler
the horizon
draws nearer

She draws nearer to me
looking through the window
and tensing
not talking now

The first flash


a pause

then the rumble

Dark now
like late evening
on a Summer afternoon

The first drops
with drum beats

Leaves and flowers
dance joyously
concrete becomes
abstract art

Two flashes

Loud crashes
scarcely a gap

The wind rips at the trees
rain batters the Earth

She holds me
as the flashes
become insistent
she kisses me

White knuckles and urgent need
wind and thunder
drumming rain


The storm outside
a storm within


The storm passes
she relaxes
I smile

I wonder if she really likes a storm.