Poetry by Jeff Green


No future

by cricketjeff on May 18, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The shadow screams in silence as it creeps towards the door
The stench of death walks with it on its march across the floor
And none of us can break away and live for evermore
Each day you’re only closer to the grave

Each child alive is growing but they’ll just die in the end
And all of us are breaking in some ways we cannot mend
There isn’t any way to fight you’re going to die my friend
Today you all got closer to the grave

You live your life in promise of a better day ahead
You wake with optimism and you leap out of your bed
But very soon there’ll be a day you find you wake up dead
One day your only future is the grave

So sit and write your poetry, so something can live on
And polish all your phrasing ’til each little word has shone
But its pointless since your writing will be just as quickly gone
A day when all of us are in the grave

Author notes

I need to explain this. This to me is not a depressing poem. I have no belief in an afterlife, the thought of a perfect eternity I find appalling and terrifying, I want it to end when I die.

This means that I want to forget about what happens afterwards, and live for my life. I LOVE life really really love it!