Poetry by Jeff Green


The king of poems

by cricketjeff on September 21, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Limerick’s the poem of choice
For the people who don’t have a voice
In crudeness or art
Haute-cuisine or a fart
The Limerick will always rejoice

There are poets who think they are trite
Denigrate them out of pure spite
Limericks don’t care
We are all well aware
That these poets can’t win in a fight!

If you want to deflate a fat cat
Or a man in a terrible hat
You can make them look worse
With five lines of verse
There’s nowt they can do about that

One Limericks never enough
And stopping at two is quite tough
Addiction’s not rare
And the cure’s never there
So you’re probably stuck with this stuff!