Poetry by Jeff Green


For friends

by cricketjeff on May 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I may not always be there when you’re in your darkest hour
But know that you are always in my thoughts
I’d be there every moment if I only had the power
But life is not the easiest of sports

The best that you can ever feel is when you help a friend
The worst may be to hurt them with a word
I hope that you all realise the best’s what I intend
But sometimes what I say is quite absurd

I’ll always try to be there if you find that you’re in need
Although I may not know what I can do
Sometimes the help that I can give is more in help than deed
You know that all my thoughts are lent to you

I try to value every friend and hope they feel the same
The world is best when we can act as one
If ever you have problems than I’m here to take the blame
I want to give you space to see the sun