Poetry by Jeff Green


My families

by cricketjeff on May 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When I was born before the war
With brothers on each side
I could not know what was in store
What secrets I would hide

No sooner built than bright young pair
Had moved into my halls
To start a life with little care
Protected by my walls

Though bombers flew they missed my street
And little children came
My floors all rang to tiny feet
With army leave to blame!

My garden filled with things to eat
Must dig for victory
And when the fighting was complete
The husband came home free

A quiet time as children grew
And then they went away
I loved to shelter just my two
Grandchildren came to stay!

First he got old and then he died
The garden overgrew
She took a lodger safe inside
Another life I knew

Then their time came, I stood alone
Until the new arrived
Two kids, a couple and a loan
But very soon they thrived

Two more babies, I was filled
I watched them live and play
Although I love then I was thrilled
When two had moved away!

I know that soon they’ll just be two
A quiet time again
I just keep doing what I do
That’s keeping out the rain!

Author notes

A potted and relatively accurate history of the my own house.