Poetry by Jeff Green


Relaxing after work

by cricketjeff on May 22, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Her fingers danced so lightly as she teased his knotted neck
Then she kissed him, oh so softly on the head
When he came in this evening he had been a nervous wreck
Now all his senses waited to be fed
The meal that she prepared him was a feast for lovers eyes
With colours of seduction on the plate
A femme fatale so passionate in such demure disguise
There’s no disguising she is worth the wait
First passion fruit on melon served with sexy raspberry sauce
And champagne bubbles add a certain zing
There’s not too much to grumble at with such a starter course
Her flicking tongue on top of everything
Pink and juicy flashes when he cuts into his steak
Asparagus and runner beans beside
She looks at him seductively this mood will never break
Her dress just keeps her milky breasts inside
A horn of plenty filled with cream and every fruit he knows
Completes the rape of tastebuds she has planned
With every lust packed mouthful sexual tension clearly grows
She hopes the evening will get out of hand
They walk upstairs together with their lips in awkward lock
Black satin sheets await them on the bed
So when they wake next morning there’s one stocking on the clock
And every single passion has been fed!

Author notes

It has been pointed out to me that my pronunciation of Raspberry as Rarze-bree is considerably lazier than many of you would use! I shall try to come up with a sauce that is just as sexy but more universally correct in meter. Thank-you Allan for the heads up.