Poetry by Jeff Green


Welcome home

by cricketjeff on May 25, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

For twenty years she’s waited for today,
The foolish rift they caused is at an end.
You never get another chance, they say,
To make a first impression on a friend.
They could not understand their only son
And thought he would accept a simple “no.”

The things they said just couldn’t  be undone,
He packed a case and said “It’s time to go.”
So now the sideboard groans beneath their life,
The fruit and wine that’s all they’ve ever known.
This welcome they denied their son’s new wife;
A final chance for parents to atone.
The daughter they rejected has come back.
How could they lose their son because she’s black?

Author notes

I often think of a sonnet as a poetical still life, so I thought this ought to be a sonnet, but now I’m not so sure.