Poetry by Jeff Green


The Rubaiyat of Itsmy Bathtime

by cricketjeff on May 25, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A piece of soap, some bubble bath and you
The water’s hot it’s time to use shampoo
I must not get the bubbles in my eyes
As that would be a silly thing to do

I shall lay back and spray to rinse my hair
And then repeat with bubbles everywhere
I must make sure my hair is really clean
Then later I shall dry it with hot air

Now finally I can relax and soak
And feel I am a really lazy bloke
I’ll write some silly verses while I do
I mustn’t sink to deep in case I choke

Before I wrinkle up I better dry
Please turn your back if you think that I’m shy
Now pass the towel so I can have a rub
Oh blimey, I dozed off, I better fly …

Author notes

I like writing dreadful daft poems in the bath!