Poetry by Jeff Green


The witchfinder found

by cricketjeff on May 27, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The crows will keep her company until her trial begins
The village wives all want her dead they won’t forgive her sins
They keep her chained away from light and further from their men
This devil child has run them wild she won’t go free again
Her dreadful deeds they document and plan how she will die
She charmed each man, and took his strength, she has the evil eye

The crows of course do not feel fear and neither does our maid
These foolish folk can’t keep her here their acts will be repaid
For all around her sisters fly tonight the coven meets
The witchfinder, the coven’s head, keeps mortals off the streets
His dreadful deeds they don’t suspect no actual witch will die
He stalks the land, protects his flock, the apples of his eye

A cow runs dry, a horse goes lame, the fish won’t rise for bait
He blames the old, the poor and weak, decides their gruesome fate
But gorgeous girls, with magic powers, and eyes to drown a heart
They’re never blamed, just join his band, and there perfect their art
Their  dreadful deeds are all for him, he aims to never die
He weaves vile charms and speaks darks spells to find the devil’s eye

This latest maid, has other aims, she is the whitest witch
Her two black crows are witches too their powers are old and rich
The witchfinder will end his reign condemned in wiccan courts
The new white Queen, has all the power, most witches don’t have warts!
The dreadful deeds will be undone no innocents must die
Restore the land and make it whole protected by her eye!

Author notes

OK so I had fun writing a little story

The inspiration is
witchfinder generals parlour by wildlifehoodoo