Poetry by Jeff Green


A Tree in the City: The Dorchester Plane

by cricketjeff on June 1, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

At the back of the crowd at the last public hanging
Watched the poor wretches that choked as they swung
The cart with the bodies the banging and clanging
Tyburn the place where the poor bastards hung

A marsh and a mile from the World’s greatest city
Trippers and fun fair to see justice done
Two hundred years and the site is now pretty
The rich and the lucky sit having their fun

By the side of a lane I stand looking and learning
Watching the changes that people have wrought
Once there were horses and peasantry yearning
Now the best cars that new money has bought

In the Hotel behind me celebrities chatter
Nothing to say but they just never stop
In a penthouse a diplomat who ought to matter
But he misses the news when the footballers flop

Hyde Park and the Serpentine, people and pleasure
Park Lane filled with traffic that’s rushing and mad
And all of the time I’ve been called London’s treasure
A tree in a city makes everyone glad