Poetry by Jeff Green


Pete the tiny dragon!

by cricketjeff on June 2, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Now Marvin’s baby brother Pete
Is naughty as you know
Although you’d think he was so sweet
He’s trouble on the go

So very small just pocket sized
And very shiny blue
To hear him speak you’d be surprised
He sounds a lot like you

He has a friend a naughty elf
Who disappears on sight
I’ve never met the elf myself
But Pete’s here every night

He filled up Marvin’s shoes with soup
That’s half a can in each
With Marvin walking round in gloop
Pete stayed well out of reach!

And now he’s found a brand new trick
A whole new sort of tease
You must take care when you are sick
Don’t do a dragon sneeze!

Pete sprinkled pepper on his nose
His dragon’s eyes turned red
A sheet of flame, the whole room glows
A big grin on his head!

The garden shed and next door’s fence
Are now just piles of ash
Allowance stopped for this offence
Pete’s running out of cash

So now to earn a little more
Pete’s working up a storm
Each winter day goes door to door
And sneezes people warm!!!

Author notes

MArvin is a friend of mine, he is a decidedly friendly slightly overweight blue dragon. His girlfriend Martha (also a dragon but she can change colour, most lady dragons can you know) plays cricket for England.