Poetry by Jeff Green


When we make love

by cricketjeff on June 2, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When we make love I live within your eyes
And dance inside your mind as we combine.
I wait until I hear your tender sighs
For then I know that you are surely mine.

When we make love you hold me close to you
And feel the way I fill your dreams with gold.
Each time we touch the world begins anew
You’ll always be the one I want to hold.

Your breasts excite my lips, I feel each breath.
I take you to the peak and then beyond.
You gasp my name and die a little death,
You are the star upon my magic wand.

When we make love we love all through the night,
When I’m within your body all is right.

Author notes

This was written for a challenge, the judge however was too impatient.