Poetry by Jeff Green


An encounter on AP

by cricketjeff on September 22, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In words that rhyme and words that scan we meet across the net
Where all is fair in love and verse, with nothing to regret.
And honeyed words can trickle down to stimulate the parts
We’ll never underestimate, words in seductive arts.
You’re neck I’d nuzzle silently, while hands moved further down
Then move to kiss so passionately, to smother any frown
You’re hands I note are not less shy, my buttons seem to part
And parts of me are naked before my efforts seem to start
Your breasts exposed my mouth is drawn, to nipples that erect
Each one I’ll kiss and nibble, since you don’t seem to object
And while my mouth is busy there, my hands will quickly steal
To the place you like to sit upon, where they can test and feel
My mouth will follow that is sure, as your mouth works on me
I’ll kiss and tease each body part, to set your spirit free
Tongues and lips and mouths and teeth, can tease and touch and feel
But they are just the overture, introducing love that’s real
And so I’ll enter sweetly, where my entrance is expected
Where there isn’t any thought, it seems, that I could be rejected
And while we’re joined, poetically, and building to the end
I’ll whisper words that rhyme and scan, to my lover and my friend.

Author notes

For Sue Cardwell, who will be knocking the spots off this shortly, but wait for the comments!