Poetry by Jeff Green


The beginning

by cricketjeff on June 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It has been a special day and now we’re walking in the rain
And we’re talking all the while and holding hands.
When you said you were in love, I didn’t know it was with me.
Though my love for you would cover many lands.

As we walk and feel the rain that cannot wash away my joy
And you tell me we will marry very soon.
Then you turn to me to kiss and you are not the least bit coy
And the clouds all melt away before the moon.

It is still a special day and now we walk beneath the stars
With your arms around my waist and mine ’round  yours
When we walk along the street we hear no people and no cars
Just two hearts that beat a kind of soft applause

Now you say it’s time for bed and so I turn to you to kiss
And your fingers feel the skin beneath my shirt
Then I know that you and I are due to spend the night in bliss
And the thought of you and me removes all hurt

We are one within our dreams and our lives are intertwined
And I feel you kiss my lips we’ll never part
For our lives are now one life and you are here within my mind
And our never-ending journey can now start!

Author notes

I like this, to me it is in tetrameter and trimeter of a very unusual sort.

The first foot on each line is ternary and the others are quaternary, try reading it that way and see what you think.