Poetry by Jeff Green


Hiding places

by cricketjeff on June 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I want to live and die within a soft cocoon of love
And I want to live and die in there with you
To float with you upon a cloud and see life from above
And to only do the things you want to do

We ought to run away and hide where life will never look
And we ought to run and hide there every day
To find a spot where only we can write words in our book
So that we can play the games that lovers play

The feeling in my melting heart’s a feeling just for us
And I want to share my feelings just with one
It’s something quite appealing but I will not make a fuss
For the feeling is a feeling filled with fun

For when we vanish from our lives and hide inside our minds
Then I am as happy as I want to be
There is a place of magic that each pair of lovers finds
And I know there’s such a place for you and me

Author notes

Such places can be across distant shores in your mind or on the Earth.