Poetry by Jeff Green


Just one more death?

by cricketjeff on June 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

But why did they let him speak?
On the scaffold the day he was hanged
Was the rule of the Fascists so weak
To let such a crowd be harangued?

I stand for Freedom and for right
Against the fascists and the rest
So come to join us in the fight
All Yugoslavs must pass this test

A Croat can’t talk to a Serb?
They’d never believe what he says
Did they think that he wouldn’t perturb
The sway that they held in those days

We have to fight for home and life
A thousand years we were suppressed
Now Tito leads us through our strife
It’s Partisans against the rest

The crowd heard the words that he said
This Croat their leaders condemned
His words would live after he’s dead
This orator should have been stemmed

Now I must die so we go free
My death is only one protest
All come and fight for liberty
So Yugoslavs can’t be suppressed

They hanged him before he was due
But his words were alive in the crowd
Though directly were heard by so few
The echoes were long-lived and loud

The Partisans would win their war
So Southern Slavs survived that test
A scaffold speech none could ignore
Was more than just a lone protest

Author notes

Still being worked on and notes and picture to come